Marine Technical Services

Companies turn to Romulus for total marine services designed to improve the safety and reliability of their fleets. Our specialists not only understand existing technology, but can evaluate emerging marine technology for its potential impact on day-to-day operations. Our specialists are also qualified to test current equipment for potential issues. Our commitment to customer service and attention to detail keeps our customers returning.

Romulus offers the following maritime technical services:


A Scheduler develops schedules and incorporates all contractor schedules into the master production schedule.  They review the specification packages for potential conflicts within the individual job and assist in the development of estimates for specific tasks.  A Scheduler will also conduct ship checks as needed to scope work and supports process and procedure development.

Work Certification

As tasks are reported as being completed, Work Certification Specialists review and inspect the work to verify appropriate completion.

AIT Coordination

Alteration Installation Team (AIT) Coordinators work with contractors and coordinate advanced installation technologies.

Spec Writing

Spec writers review the issue(s) and write the spec (job) on what needs to be done to correct it.

Advanced Planning

An Advanced Planner (AP) reviews and interprets government-provided Automatic Work Requests and drawings to prepare detailed work specifications.  They also identify and download required engineering documents and assist in Long Lead Time Material (LLTM) identification.

WAF Coordination

Work Authorization Form (WAF) Coordinators trace a given system and certify that it is ready to work on and meets the safe mode requirements via a record keeping log and form handoff process.


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