Systems Management

Romulus understands that efficient maritime project management is a vital part of keeping local, state, and federal government operations, as well as commercial enterprises running smoothly. We perform all of our marine systems management services according to the highest industry standards. Whether your needs include maintenance due to normal wear and tear of operating in a marine environment or updates due to technological change, Romulus can accommodate your specific request.

We supply Assistant Project Superintendents that serve as second line managers that monitor and manage the progress of the project. Our Assistant Project Superintendents work closely with all employees to insure all project guidelines and timelines are respected and fulfilled.


Assistant Project Superintendent Essential Functions

  • Begins pre-planning of the job and review spec items before ship arrival
  • Identifies services that will be needed
  • Builds schedule with input from sub-contractors to set all key events and milestones
  • Works with all shops and sub-contractors to maintain cost and schedule
  • Attends production meetings to keep ship and project manager informed of problems and progress
  • Monitors condition reports
  • Maintains constant communication during overhaul to ensure best possible product is delivered
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