About Us

Company History

Romulus, LLC was founded to provide a full range of maritime management and marine technical services to state, local, and federal government agencies and commercial enterprises. The core of our woman-owned, minority small business involves the assessment, analysis, and improvement of organizations that manage engineering, logistic, technical, and industrial operations.

The founders of Romulus chose to name their company after the legendary founder of the city of Rome, a city known for its solidity and longevity. The name Romulus evokes the traits of strength and longevity, which we strive to apply to our business practices every day.

Company Motto

"Building a Better America" is a fundamental cornerstone of our company philosophy. We are committed to living our motto every day by bringing the best we have to offer for each of our customers. We believe that great things are achieved through devoting oneself to excellence in every detail. We believe that by helping our customers do better, we help our nation do better; and a better America contributes to a better world.

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